• Henna Brows Mansfield Nottingham Nottinghamshire Tint Tinting
    05/11/2020 - Kristy 0 Comments
    Henna Brows - get to know! All of your questions answered.

    Grey brow hair? Brow tint not lasting long enough? Want a long lasting makeup look? Henna brows could be your answer! Read on.

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  • Salon
    28/07/2020 - Kristy 0 Comments
    Salon Reopening - Salon changes for COVID - 19

    We want to reassure our clients that the salon is a clean, safe and hygienic environment to visit for your beauty treatments during the coronavirus outbreak. Read on to find out what measures we have in place during this time.

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  • 14/04/2020 - Kristy 0 Comments
    Will gel ruin my natural nails? (a warning for at home gel nail kits)

    We’re in the midst of a national lockdown - the salons are shut (that alone is enough to cause a pandemic!) And you can’t get your nails done anymore...This is something we have all DREADED for all of our lives! But, it isn’t all doom and gloom. With a big thanks to the magical internet, beauty supplies are a click away and can be delivered to your door if you wish to still pamper yourselves at home. But, will you cause more harm than good?

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  • Lash Lift VS Eyelash Extensions - Pro’s and Con’s Revealed
    08/04/2020 - Kristy 0 Comments
    Lash Lift VS Eyelash Extensions

    I thought I would get all the facts out there and let you guys decide which is best, because the best for one person will be different for another after all!

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  • 06/04/2020 - Kristy 0 Comments
    Brow Lamination - all of your questions answered

    You've seen it on photos online, your friends are trying it and now you're intrigued. What is this new treatment and is it a fad?

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