Lash Lift VS Eyelash Extensions - Pro’s and Con’s Revealed

Lash Lift VS Eyelash Extensions

I thought I would get all the facts out there and let you guys decide which is best, because the best for one person will be different for another after all!

I’m often asked ‘which lash treatment is best, eyelash extensions or lash lifts?’ And it always sends me on little rant of pros and cons for both! A lash technician can NEVER answer this question simply, so I’ll let you compare notes below and come up with your own verdict!

Lash Lifting

What is it?
Think perms and push-up bras for your eyelashes. Lash lifts are designed to curl up your natural lashes and eliminate the need for an eyelash curler. The results last for up to 6 weeks, every low maintenance woman’s dream!

How does it work?
From start to finish it takes 60 minutes, your eyes are closed the entire time and it’s very relaxing! Rounded silicone shields are attached to your eyelids and we secure your natural lashes back on to them with adhesive. Once this part is set up, it’s a case of applying various different lotions to re structure your lash shape and fix it into this new, perfectly flowing curly one. A tint is included to darken your lashes making them appear fuller and more noticeable.

Who are they best suited to?
The clients who have straight, criss-crossed or side wards growing lashes, and the ones that use an eyelash curler every day
It works amazing on people with medium-long natural eyelashes
Low maintenance girls who want a natural look with minimal upkeep
Busy mums who don’t have time for a lot of spare time
Allergy prone clients

What aftercare should you follow?
DO NOT get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours
DO NOT use steam rooms, saunas or sunbeds for 48 hours - the high temperature can cause lashes to drop
DO NOT sleep head down into the pillow, sleeping on them could manipulate the shape of your lashes back
DO use a lash serum to promote natural lash growth and to condition your lashes

Why choose a Lash Lift
Lash lifts are a natural, low maintenance lash treatment. Mascara lovers can still wear mascara, and you can still rub your eyes! There are 3 different variations of lift chosen by the therapist for you based on your natural lashes and preference. Meaning less thinking about what look or thickness you’d like.
Finally, the results of a lash lift are immediate, the entire appointment takes 60 minutes and lasts for up to 6 weeks making it great value.

Eyelash Extensions

What are they?

Eyelash extensions are a GENIUS invention, they are synthetic lashes attached with a strong waterproof adhesive to your natural lashes. They sound simple, they really make the eyes pop and eliminate the need for mascara, an eyelash curler, strip lashes and pretty much any makeup at all! They come in different styles and variations using classic and Russian volume methods.

What is the difference between Classic and Russian?
In simple terms, classic means one eyelash extension is applied to each natural lash you have. Russian means a handmade fan of lashes are made with precision and still applied to each individual natural lash that you have.
Classic lashes provide a more natural and realistic finish, Russian boasts the ability to create fluff that can be made to look natural or very full.

What happens in the appointment?
Top tip. Always come to your appointments with squeaky clean makeup free lashes - clean lashes = more time to apply lashes! First your eyes are prepped and primed, under eye gel pads are applied to keep all of your lower eyelashes sealed away as these don’t get lashed. We draw out a lash map to follow and we get to work! The treatment is very relaxing and you can barely feel us applying the eyelashes at all. Appointments vary in time from 45 minutes for an infill and up to 2-3 hours for a thick full set of Russian Volume Lashes.

Who are they best suited to?
The client who wants the ‘WOW’ factor
The bride-to-be
Holiday makers
Anyone with natural lashes can try them

People who enjoy taking time for themselves every 2-3 weeks to maintain them

Why choose eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions add length, create volume, enhance the shape of the eye, and create a polished look. They are customizable so the client gets to choose the look she’s going for, whether it be subtle or glamorous. There’s no need to use an eyelash curler or wear mascara, which cuts down on getting ready time in the morning.

What Lash Extension Aftercare should you follow?
The aftercare can seem a little overloading but it’s down to common sense really, clean eyelash extensions=happy eyes with long lasting lashes that can wear them all year round with no premature loss.
DO NOT get wet for the first 24 hours. This allows the adhesive to cure (dry)
DO NOT use steam rooms, saunas or sunbeds for 48 hours
DO NOT perm, tint or use eyelash curlers
DO NOT use waterproof or oil based mascara on your extensions as they contain chemical properties that will break down the adhesive
DO be gentle around your eyes, don’t rub or pick at your extensions
DO use an eyelash comb or mascara wand, these are great for grooming your lashes back into place and releasing out any shedded lashes
DO gently wash 2-4 times a week with eyelash cleanser (kits available in the salon), to keep the root area clean. This avoids oil and sebum build up that can make your lashes slide away, and fans close up.

SO. Which is best for you!?
The answer on which to go for lies in you and your natural lashes! Lash extensions are more maintenance but they are extremely customisable and noticeable giving a show stopping finish to anyone who has eyelashes. And lash lifts are a quick long lasting fix that are low maintenance and more natural and still can provide a wow finish for people with longer natural lashes.
Based on that, which do you prefer!? Leave your comments below.
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Kristy x