Brow Lamination - all of your questions answered

You've seen it on photos online, your friends are trying it and now you're intrigued. What is this new treatment and is it a fad?

It’s 2020, the evolution of the brow world has developed again and there’s more options to achieve your dream brows than ever before.
My clients know how much love I have for brows and being a perfectionist, so when I first heard about Brow Lamination, my head did a complete 360 and I booked on to the first available course! I knew this treatment was going to be big and secured myself onto a course for December 2019 and drooled over other Brow Lami posts on Instagram in the meantime. The precision, the sheen, the perfect flow of brow hairs, what’s not to love!?

This new treatment sets your brow hair into a desired position and the results can last for up to 6 weeks. It can totally transform and lift your brow shape, you can expect to see that the extra fine brow hair you didn’t realise was there is laminated adding more fullness to your brows than before, your arch will be lifted, wavy hairs straightened, and your brows tail will appear extended.

It’s important to realise that the treatment can’t add hair to your brows, we can only work with what you’ve naturally got so it’s always a good idea to grow your brows out before trying this treatment.

Who is best suited for Brow Lamination?
Brow Lamination is best suited for people with brow hair.. in other words absolutely everyone (with a few exceptions) can benefit from this treatment! Men and woman of all ages. It can create the fluffed up, big brows you’ve always dreamed of. And also the smooth, sleek, neat brows you’ve always wished for! It can help the appearance of scars and shift downward growing brow hair to a more normal upward growth pattern. Results vary for everyone, they depend on the amount of brow hair you have, the length of your actual hair and how your brows naturally sit on your face.

Who isn’t it suitable for?
It isn’t suited as much for people with extremely thick and wiry hair. I’ve found with my clients that their results don’t last as long on those truly unruly kind of brows as the products struggle to penetrate to the core, but it can still be worth a try! It also isn’t as suited for naturally high sitting brows, as it can give a constant surprised finish which doesn’t need to be exaggerated. Microblading could be a better alternative for these types of brows.

It isn’t advised for pregnant and breast feeding clients - unless you have already had the treatment before falling pregnant/breast feeding and your patch test came back clear. You need to be over 16, and capable to follow the aftercare.

How does Brow Lamination work?
It’s a simple but clever process which takes 45 minutes in total, first your brow hairs are set into a new desired position discussed in the consultation with an adhesive. A relaxing lotion is generously placed over the root to mid-length of the hairs and is left to work. This smells a bit like a perming solution and works the same way, by breaking down the bonds that form the hair to make them turn floppy. Followed by a setting lotion which is combed through, this sets your brow hairs into this perfect new position and builds the bonds back up. Tinting and waxing is included and is recommended for the wow finish but is optional.

How do you look after your brows after having the treatment?

Keeping your brows dry and makeup free for at least 24 to up to 48 hours after is crucial for a long lasting lami, they need this time to set and they’re learning their new shape! After this when you do wash your face and shower it’s best to brush them whilst they’re still damp, pat them dry, and hydrate them. Conditioning your brows after having this chemical treatment with something as simple as castor oil which is available to purchase in the salon, will keep your brow hairs nourished and healthy and is a must to keep your brow hairs in tip top condition for repeat treatments.

My verdict...
I love it. More than I ever imagined ha! I’ve even started having it myself to achieve bigger fluffier brows because they’ve always been so teeny. I use castor oil every night before bed as my brow hairs and the skin under them get dry - don’t learn the hard way and please use it from the beginning. My clients are happy with what Brow Lamination can help their brows achieve, it really is a low maintenance, unique, wow factor treatment that can benefit people of all ages. So thrilled to now be offering it in the salon, this treatment is not a fad and will be around for a very, very long time!