Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Training

"Start your career in the world of eyelash extensions today, the first step is to book the course, i will guide you through the rest"

About The Course

The Russian Volume technique has taken the lash industry by storm, it allows the lash artist to cater for every single client creating varying levels of fullness to suit each one. Including those with damaged and sparse natural lashes by creating volume fans this can help them to achieve a fuller look with a lightweight volume set. The Russian Volume treatment is also perfect for full and thick lash lines because they can
easily achieve an even fuller and dramatic look, you will be taught how to create sets to suit every individuals needs.

The key to the volume technique is mastering how to create perfect fans, and this does take time to perfect. During this Russian Volume course you will be taught 4 different fan-making techniques on mannequin training heads, this will take the pressure off the student, and it allows more time for creating perfect fans and practicing fan attachment. Once you feel more confident, you will be able to work on models when you submit your case studies.

With the correct training and application methods, eyelash extensions can safely be worn week after week, year after year with zero damage. I am passionate about upholding the high standards of the lash industry and I only offer thorough, intense training courses to see you succeed. This training will cover:

·What Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are
·Managing client expectations
·Suitable thickness, length, curl and coverage for each client
·Adhesive – the science and the correct dipping technique
·Tweezers - how to hold them and how to use them
·Fan making – 4 methods
·How to create the perfect fan
·Correct vs incorrect fans
·Different Russian Volume effects
·Lash mapping and volume styling
·The correct set up
·What you need to start
·Full set treatment procedure
·Infill procedure
·Lash removal procedure
·Aftercare and Eyelash cleaning

·photography tips and social media pointers.


This training course includes coaching for up to 3 months after your training day! In this time you will practice your new skills and submit your case studies to Kristy via email for feedback!


All students will receive their certificate by post on successful completion of 3 case studies. This Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions course is accredited by ABT, one of the leading accreditation companies within the UK. This certification will allow you to gain insurance and offer this treatment confidently to your clients.

·Requirements – Confident and experienced in Classic Eyelash Extensions, proof of your qualification is required at the time of booking.

·1 day course +3 case studies (3 months to complete)

·Up to 4 students per class

·All equipment and products are provided for you to use on the day

·Product and tool reccomendations to build your own kit

·£250 (£50 deposit, £200 7 days before)


Available dates:        Check availability by clicking the 'Book Now' button!  · (please visit our contact page to request alternative dates.)

A Few Examples Of What You Will Learn

Classroom Theory

Your Classic Eyelash manual is about to become your best friend, it is packed full of all the information you need to know to kickstart a successful Eyelash Technician career. 

Eyelash Knowledge

You will understand how to create Russian Volume fans in a variety of styles to suit all clients. 

How to Craft Russian Volume

You will walk away from this training course with the confidence to practice your new skills on everyone you know!

You will know how and when to submit your case studies, which will lead you to certification.