Gel Nail Treatments in Mansfield

No outfit is complete without a set of glamorous nails, we love to create individual bespoke sets of nails for every client using premium products. Below is a description of why we choose to use Bio Sculpture and Elim and our salon, and why our clients love each brand!

Bio Sculpture Gel

Perfect for all nail types! Including damaged, bitten and thin nails, this gel soaks off without damaging the natural nail and wears for around 3 weeks. It has a 5-star safety rating for nail health, it’s sure to work wonders for you. This treatment does not require dehydration prior to their application, and it doesn’t require excess buffing throughout the procedure. It’s also free of bonders and primers, which results in a product that is focused on nail health, it is 100% vegan, with no animal testing. The gel is applied over your natural nail to protect them to grow, and is soaked off at every visit to keep them looking as natural as possible, your nails will thrive wearing this gel as a protective layer compared to wearing no gel at all!  This gel is prescriptive, extemely versatile and boasts 6 different base gels to suit every single nail type! One base doesnt suit all. We also have the option to build strong extensions using Bio Sculpture Gel, call us today to find out more.


Elim is a new revoltuion of pedicures. Using medical grade products that are inspired by the results of facial treatments. We use products thats include a callus tonic, PH neutraliser, AHA's and a purifying clay mask (in place of abrasive traditional foot files and blades with can sometimes trigger a response to over produce hard skin), that turn your traditional pedicure into the equivalent of a specialist facial for your feet!


We apply a keratolytic alkaline solution to soften the protein bonds on the soles of your feet, essentially turning your hard skin soft, aiding us to gently scrape away calluses with ease! Making it ideal for anybody with dry and cracked heels.


Expect great results from just 1 treatment! However for best reslts, repeat treatments are reccommended alongside using home care products. Find out more about Elim by clicking here.

Our Nail Treatments

Discover more information about our products on the official Bio Sculpture site.

Check our prices below.


Gel Hand Treatments

Gel Polish - £32

Gel Polish Removal and Re-Apply - £37

Gel Overlays - £36

Gel Overlay Removal and Re-Apply - £41

Sculptured Extensions (Full Set with Colour) - £52

Nail Extensions (Plastic Tips with Hard Gel) - £50

Hard Gel Infill (For infilling extensions or hard gel over natural nails) - £37



Gel Feet Treatments

Gel Polish Toes £30

Luxury Gel Pedicure - £42

Elim Express Callus Peel Pedicure (no gel) - £35

Elim Luxury Callus Peel Pedicure including Gel Toes - £54


Nail Art & Extras

Full set of Chrome/Glitter - £6

15 minutes of Nail Art - £6 (French and simple nail art)

30 minutes of Nail Art - £12 (French ombre or marble designs on all nails)

45 minutes of Nail Art - £20 (for advanced/intricate art, including detailed flower designs over a french ombre)

Gel Removal - £12.00 (With Reapplication - £5.00)

Hand & Arm Massage (Add on) - £10

Foot & Leg Massage (Add on) - £10


Visit our gallery of fantastic results by clicking here!

FOR FURTHER ADVICE AND GUIDANCE about our nail services, please don’t hesitate to contact us